Traditional Funeral Service Package

This package creates an opportunity for a family to have a private or public visitation (up to four hours) on the day preceding the funeral rites. At the visitation, a family can choose to have an open or closed casket. We offer the family the use of magnetic framing and photo collage boards to create an opportunity to reminisce over old pictures. The family can choose to receive flowers, which are displayed during the visiting hours, or choose to make memorial contributions in lieu of flowers. The Traditional Funeral Service Package includes a guest register, memorial or prayer cards and acknowledgment cards. The following day funeral rites are conducted at the funeral home or church and then we continue on to the cemetery for mausoleum entombment or earth burial. All the auto equipment necessary to conduct a funeral is included in the service package.

Complete Cremation Service Package

We also have a Complete Cremation Service Package, which is very similar to the above-mentioned package, but is for the family that has chosen cremation as the final form of disposition instead of burial or entombment.

One-Day Funeral Service Package

We also offer a One Day Funeral Service package, which affords a family a period of public or private visitation, usually an hour, and then funeral rites, are conducted all in the same day. The one-day packages are available for both cremation minded families and those who choose earth burial or mausoleum entombment. Included are all the necessary auto equipment, guest register, and memorial and acknowledgement cards.

Additional Services

For individuals with no religious ties, we have conducted many meaningful ceremonies with music, reading of poetry, story telling or formal eulogies. On many occasions, we have catered to special requests and created very unique adaptive funeral rites.

We also have immediate burial and cremation services available, and have assisted families in conducting a memorial vistiation or memorial service without the body present.

Very often, photographs play an integral part of the memorial service, and treasured mementos like golf clubs, or a fishing pole or a gardeners hat, gloves and shovel can be displayed.

We also assisted families with services such as international shipping transportation, burials at sea and have conducted burial rites for many clergy.